Piñata Birthday Cake

In keeping with tradition, I had to bake something great for my friend Hillary’s birthday. While normally an easy task, this year I was out of town and did not get back until the night before the big day. I looked for something that was relatively easy to make because I only had about three hours that morning to decorate. This Piñata cake was a great find. Although it looks impressive, it is actually very fast and easy to make.

I used two boxes of white cake mix and baked the cakes ahead of time. The morning of Hillary’s birthday, I stacked and frosted the layers, removing the center of the 2nd and 3rd layers to make room for the chocolate candy. I then frosted the cake using Wilton’s buttercream icing and was good to go! The cake was a success, but I have to say it was very very sweet!


Piñata Birthday Cake


  • 2 boxes white cake mix (and ingredients to prepare)
  • 3 cans wilton frosting
  • I would guess about 2 lbs of candy, but measure for your cake


  1. Prepare both boxes of cake in four 9 inch round cake pans, set aside.
  2. When cooled, level off the domes of the cake.
  3. Choose two layers and cut a circle out of the center of both layers, leaving the outer ring to be about two inches thick. I used a 7 inch round cake pan to do this.
  4. Now begin to stack the cake. Place your first layer on the cake board and frost the top.
  5. Next, take your first ring layer and place it on top of the first layer. Frost the top of the ring layer.
  6. Now take your second ring layer and place it on top of the first ring layer. Frost the top of this ring layer.
  7. Now you have a good sized well for the candy. Fill the well with candy so it is level with the top of the 2nd ring layer.
  8. Next place the fourth cake layer on top of the cake. Frost the whole cake with a thin layer of wilton’ decorating icing.
  9. Transfer the remaining icing to a piping bag fit with a large round tip.
  10. Pipe a round dot onto the cake, then take a spatula and push and smear the frosting to the right of the dot.
  11. Now pipe another round dot on the tail of the previous dot. Take your spatula, once again, and smear to the right.
  12. Continue this pattern, moving counter-clockwise, around the cake.
  13. Refrigerate when finished.